Thursday, February 7, 2013

Etude House PK002

I started out with wanting to try another brand of black polish.
My OPI Black Onyx was going cranky on me.
First the stem of the brush split slighty,
making it hard to paint.
Then for some strange reason,
my bottle leaked and created a mess.
Out of frustration, I decided I should try out other black polish,
and went on to get Essence Black is Back.
I think I also ordered a-England Camelot in the recent promotion.
I've been on a recent polish buying spree and seriously can't remember now what I've ordered...
Well, obviously now that I've bought it, I gotta try it.
But since I figured black polish is just black polish,
(I mean, who's really interested in reading a post on a plain black polish?)
I decided to layer a glitter over the Essence Black is back.

And fell in love instantly.
1 coat of Etude House PK002 over 2 coats of Essence Black is Back,
topped with a coat of Seche Vite TC.
PK002 is a pink holo multi-size glitter in a pink-tinted clear base.
It's so jam-packed with small circle glitters, meduim and big hexagon glitters and bar glitters,
the glitter pay-off is terrific in just 1 coat.
nd it's seriously blinding.
I couldn't stop staring at the nails the entire day I had this on.

Love at first sight.


Freshie said...

This looks killer over a black base!!

Berry T said...

Yup! Absolutely!

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