Saturday, January 19, 2013

Color Club Holo Hues: Cherubic

I've been doing a little catch up on nail blogs recently,
and came across posts on the Color Club Holo Hues,
which reminded me that I actually had ordered these as well.
Amazing what work stress can do to your life.
Anyway, I went to dig them out from the corner I had unceremoniously chucked them to,
and randomly picked one for the nails.
Color Club Cherubic.
2 coats over Nfu-Oh Aqua Base, no TC.
Cherubic is a pinkish-tan nude with strong linear holo.
Personally, I think the bottle should come with a warning,
you know, like the ones on flu medication?
"May cause distraction. Do not operate machinery or drive when used".

The holo is freakingly beautiful.
One taxi-driver actually had to ask me twice for directions
just because I was too busy staring at those rainbows.
I've since read that these holos are fuss-free and can be used with normal base and top coats.
Guess I'm going to experiment with the next Holo Hue.


Samantha Marriott said...

wow, that's gorgeous! xo

Mommy Does said...

How funny - I get distracted like that when I wear a holo! This one is super pretty - almost peachy. Love it!

Berry T said...

you won't get a peep of disagreement on that!

Berry T said...

those nail polish companies should really consider that warning label then!

Fleur said...

This is so, so nice! I could stare at your pictures of it all day... xo

tamit24 said...

this polish is extremely amazing!!! I love holo effect- looks gorgeous!

Berry T said...

hahahaha... I hope you've managed to peel your eyes away by now =)

Berry T said...

Yup! It's awesome amazing. You gotta have it!

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