Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Nail Resolution

Towards the end of 2012,
I started slowing down on my nail blogging.
One of the reasons that I had shared earlier,
was the direct result of increasing responsibilites at work
and a hectic schedule.
However, there's also another reason.
With the increasing work,
I also became more tired and my health took quite a bad hit.
I was badly ill for an entire month in September.
And yet, I tried to make it a point to blog as often as I could,
almost daily even.
It became an obligation and then it became a chore.
Seriously, it's hard to sit down and type,
when all I really wanted to do was to drop into bed.
By November and December,
I just couldn't keep up anymore.
And I was starting to dread swatching.
In fact in the past 2 months,
I only bought 3 nail polishes.
While one reason was the fact that I do have upcoming renovations,
and hence I need to purge to make space,
the real one was that I haven't had any serious interest in the new collections.
So this year,
I'm not going to pressure myself in ensuring that I will have almost daily posts.
I'm not going to upset myself if the sun is not up in the sky.
I'm not going to give up my entire weekend mornings swatching.
I'm not going to drive myself crazy for not having the latest collection
I'm making it a point to re-capture something which was once a joy and pleasure.
I'm going to go back to enjoying nail art even if its something simple.
I'm going to weed out an increasingly impossible stash and not hoard a polish in fear of purge remorse/regret.
I'm going to go to bed and not care about wearing a new color if I'm already dead on my feet.
Hey! It's only just nail polish anyway. =)
Oh. And in case you're wondering,
the polishes used in the nail art today:
OPI Black Onyx,
OPI Goldeneye,
and gold striping tape.


Polished Prescription said...

That sounds like a very appropriate and necessarily resolution. Blogging and polish should bring you happiness and excitement, not stress. As a med student, I understand the stress of having other obligations besides your work. And I, along with your other followers, will understand if you can't post as frequently as you used to. I love your blog and will continue to support you no matter what! I hope you rekindle your love of polish, and I think taking a break and not stressing about it will help you do that =)

Also, I love this look! It's simple yet edgy and very interesting!

Inky Whiskers said...

Good for you! A hobby should be fun, not a dreaded chore.

Fleur said...

That sounds a very wise resolution. Blog when and because you want to, not because you feel you have to. It is your hobby and your free time that you are giving to us. I love seeing your nail art and I'd rather see you having fun with your nails than swatching all the new collections :) xo

shine eye said...

good luck! i wish you luck in finding joy in blogging again!

Berry T said...

Thank you everyone. It's really heartwarming to read these comments. <3

Emmy said...

Love what you did here in your mani. Love the colors used and the design. Great job! And good luck in the path you choose.

Berry T said...

thank you Emmy! =)

Charlie said...

You shouldblog as and when you want to, don't feel forced to :)
I love all your nails, there amazing.
Just followed you, follow me back maybe?:)

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