Friday, November 2, 2012

October's Haul

Part 2 of October's haul,
and a continuation of my low-buy
Cirque French Roast,
Cirque Ophelia,
GlitterDaze Reloaded.
I got these indies from Mei Mei's Signatures
She ships worldwide except to Italy.
I happened to chance on some NerdLacquers on sale,
no way I was letting these go:

All of Time and Space,
Crunchy Frog, and
I Aim to Misbehave.
I got 6 from the OPI Skyfall Collection:

The Spy who Loved Me,
You Only Live Twice,
The World is Not Enough,
On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and
Live and Let Die.
Then I had a swap going with one of my readers,
and this is what I got!

A Sally Hansen Nail Color Pen,
and I don't even see this here in Singapore!
A lip smacker,
Zoya Gaia,
a mini Sally Girl cuticle oil,
and tons of sweets (which have since disappeared)
Close-up of Zoya Gaia.

Ain't too bad a haul right?
But I need to go on a lower-buy now...


  1. I had not been buying much of any polish because I was so jammed up in my storage sys and need to go a major purge or at least sell all my dups that I never should have bought - what was I thinking??? Must have been going through a hording thing! But Oct I fell hard for both the Skyfall collection and the Zoya Ornate collection - I don't have every one of them but most of them - and I also got the Zoya gold foil topper Guilty in it's collection with Purity and Raven and I also got the OPI Man With The Golden Gun - I had to do a compare since they both looked pretty on the promo photos - I so hoped those photos were true as I really did not like the OPI for Sephora 18kt that came out last summer - it was too tiny parts of the gold and it looked like just any old gold glitter. The Zoya Guilt and OPI MWGG did not disappoint me.

    1. I've been holding back on the Zoya Ornate collection! I love it but am waiting for to arrive in Singapore, and it will seriously cut me back on the low-buy.
      And the OPI Man with the Golden Gun isn't available in Singapore.
      So Sad... but yeah, at least that's one less that I have to count in the low-buy.