Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holo Green Gradient

I was so busy and tired with work,
this was my nails for the past 3 days:
Polishes used:
A-England Princess Sabra, Dragon and St George.
Gradient was done using the sponging method.
At least it wasn't something I hated.


ScarsLikeLace said...

This is gorgeous!

Berry T said...

Thank you :)

Kayleigh said...

3 gorgeous A-England polishes in 1 beautiful mani, brilliant!!!

Berry T said...

Thank you Kayleigh :)

agnes said...

Magnifique manucure, j'adore le Saint George

Berry T said...

I think I don't need Google translation for this! LoL!
Thank you and I heart St George too!

Murano Glass said...

What a pretty nail art and color is so amazing really nice and your post blog really all of very information and inspiration.

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