Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September's Haul

I never got around to posting the September haul.
I was actually pretty good on my low-buy.
At least better than usual.
Another thing to note,
I'm sorry for the strange lighting in these pictures.
I just shifted into a new office,
and I'm trying to play around with my camera settings with the new environment.
I didn't realise that these turned out so blue
as the pictures were actually sitting in the memory card for a long time
while I was being busy and ill.
Definitely need more work with the camera settings.
Anyway, here's the meagre haul for September.
Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection in:
The Worst Possible Thing, Mare of the Moon and 20% Cooler
Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Collection in:
Sakura Matsuri and Koi Pond
Candeo Colors in Zef, Voodoo and Plumage
The new Models Own Mirrorball set:
Hot Stuff, Dancing Queen, Freak Out!
Disco Inferno, Boogie Nights and their 3-in-1 base coat, top coat and gloss.
Not pictured, but I also landed myself another 2 more Lynnderellas:
One Nutty Fruitcake and Bride of Franken.

Plus I also got a new to me brand called FNUG.
I got the silver holo called Psychedelic.
I've been told it's awesome.
Gotta try that one out soon!


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