Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Revlon Royal

Revlon Royal.
2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Gorgeous navy blue jelly.
This has been used by many as a base for Max Factor Fantasy Fire,
as well as for glitter sandwiches.
Beautiful basic that you definitely need to get your hands on.


katherine said...

This formula is not for me... It says fast drying but I feel like they dry even slower than my any other polishes!

Berry T said...

Did you try it with a quick-dry topcoat? I didn't have any problems with the dry time when I used my Seche Vite.

beachgal said...

Always a classic - did not think I needed this since I don't reach for many Revlons (though I did go nuts when they re-designed the Color Stay line and bought all but 1 shade and I think there are close to 30 of em! When I started to read nail blogs - this shade was referred to a ton and I finally did find it - live in an area that has very few Revlon that others think nothing about getting hold of...It's a bit thin and watery formula - but the color is stunning.

Vivian Yu said...

Did this polish smell really weird for you too? I love the color, but I just can't stand the smell. It lingers even after its dried :(

Berry T said...

Not really. There was a smell when applying but it was gone once it dried. The smell when applying wasn't so bad also, my Kleancolors smell a hell lot worse actually. But you're not the only one who thinks it smells terrible. I've read on several blogs and forums that this one stinks for many =)

Berry T said...

Yup! The colour is absolutely gorgeous! A classic as you said! In Singapore, we have Revlons, but its always been the same old boring colours. We never get any of the fun ones like Whimsical and Starry Pink, so I can totally empathise with you!

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