Monday, October 29, 2012

Nubar Going Green Collection: Reclaim

I hope you guys aren't sick of green polish yet,
but I promise this one will be the last green polish post for this week!

The last of the Nubar Going Green Collection:
Last picture was taken in the apartment lift.
2 coats of Reclaim over Nubar Foundation Base Coat,
no TC.
Grass green holo.
The holo effect in this one is linear,
but nowhere as strong as GOSH or FNUG.
I remember being supremely excited when this collection came out,
because it's the first time I saw a grass green holo.
There's been several other shades of green holos,
but I don't recall any other grass green holos put out by major brands since this one either.
A must-keep in my opinion.


beachgal said...

This was one of the first true holo polishes I bought other than early OPI DS's when they were still holos. It's always been a fav of mine and one that I think all collectors need to own. This is a great color and a unique one, I do agree with that. I have no problems with this one chipping on me either like some holos. However I do use Nfu-Oh original Aqua base made for holos. Have heard the formula of that has changed. I have about 4 bottles of the original, so nothing to compare with the new (thank goodness I think)!

Berry T said...

I also stocked up on the nfu-oh aqua base! Hopefully the new ones are ok though, cos I'm down to my last 2 bottles!

Murano Glass said...

All are nice green nail colors and Ya this is really very unique one green color so i think that i will doing my hand because of i like holo polishes.

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