Monday, October 1, 2012

IOTM: Enchanted Polish Hey Jude + Candeo Colors Voodoo

Today's post is a combination of last month's unfinished and the current month's Indie of the Month.
The awesome Hey Jude from Enchanted Polish's Beatles Collection.
Next few pictures were taken in the shade.
Next 3 pictures were taken while in the cab.
I love these next 3 shots.
3 coats of Hey Jude + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
I'm in love with this polish.
Definitely into the Top 10.
The predominant colour in Hey Jude is green with the colours shifting to a tan brown-grey and copper.
Top all this multichromatic awesomeness with holographic awesomeness,
and you'll have a very distracting set of nails.

Trust me, these ain't good for meetings.
I added a coat of Candeo Colors Voodoo over the Enchanted Polish mani,
and was further mesmerized.
Unfortunately, by the time I got to taking pictures,
the sun was too strong.
These were the only semi-decent pictures I could retrieve from the tons I attempted.
Nevermind, I love this combination so much,
I'm likely to try again.
Anyway, this particular mani reminded me somehow of Calypso from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Don't you think the colours suit her character in the show?


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