Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brand of the Month: Etude House PBL601

Etude House PBL601,
or what I personally call Cupcakes in a bottle.
3 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
This is one hell of a sweet manicure.
Rainbow glitters in a pale blue milky base.
I know it looks almost white on my nails,
but think OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls,
change that tinge of grey to a tinge of pale blue.
Ok. Maybe tinge X 2.
Plus this one's a jelly,
so the layers of glitters being sandwiched look absolutely delicious.
I'm going to try layering this one over other polishes,
I'm pretty sure it'll look just as good.


WildHeart said...

Another lemming to add to my ever-growing list...thanks a lot! *wink, wink*...just kidding! I MUST have this one--it's gorgeous!!! Do you know where I can buy this online? I'm in the U.S.
P.S. Quite an impressive haul in yesterday's post! Love those Candeos; I have those but I haven't used those particular colors--they're in my ever-expanding Untried pile! (more like Untried mountain...range!)

Berry T said...

Haha. You're welcome. I'm always happy to help in lemmings. Perhaps you can try eBay? I've seen some that have listed Korean brands that ship international

Elizabeth said...

Cupcakes is right--this is so adorable! I swear, next time I'm in Singapore I'm going to have to bring an extra suitcase just for nail polish. ;)

Berry T said...

Hahaha. Just ask. I'm sure we'll tell you where to go to get that suitcase filled!

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