Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BFTP: OPI Halloween 2010 Go Goth mini set: Obscure

Since Halloween is just round the corner,
I figured it would be apt if I featured a Halloween set for this month's Blast from the Past series:
the OPI Halloween 2010 Go Goth mini set that came with a pretty lace cuff band.
(hmmm.... now where did my lace band go to?)
2 coats, no topcoat.
Simple matt black.
I loved looking at it when I had my hands in water;
kinda like a muted, soft black.
Though I think I have since been spoilt by Manglaze's matt formula.
This OPI falls really short in that aspect.
Then I got bored with it,
and decided on a layering which had been on my mind since October came rolling around.
Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings.
1 coat over the OPI Obscure mani,
no topcoat.
I liked the semi-matte look and decided to skip the TC on this one.
Loved it.
So did some of the people around me.


Fleur said...

Ooooh love it with the orange, gold and black. Definitely perfect for Halloween! Xo

Berry T said...

Yeah, it looks awesome right ;)

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