Friday, September 7, 2012

Picture Polish Monroe

I had to visit an organisation yesterday for work,
hence I thought I better play it safe with Picture Polish Monroe.
Last picture was taken in the taxi.
2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
I love how every colour comes with a tagline.
In this case,
Monroe: a classic Hollywood icon
Personally, I think this is so apt.
Monroe evokes images of black and white movies,
timeless, classic charm with a touch of vamp.
Monroe is a deep wine jelly with holographic glitters scattered in the polish.
While I do like this polish,
I have to admit that I probably would have loved it more
if there was more of the holographic glitters.
As you can see from my pictures,
there really isn't a lot of that, and even then,
you need certain lighting and certain angles,
before the tiny sparklies come out to play
The polish was also on the thick side,
so do be careful with your coats.
Although I do hear that this one is being reformulated and released again.
Wonder how the new version would look like


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!
Do you think you will maybe sell this polish during your blog purge?

Berry T said...

LoL. Not for now, but maybe if I get the new formulated one and end up liking that one more :)

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