Sunday, September 9, 2012

New China Glaze Collections

Today is supposed to be swatch sunday for me,
but it's been grey, drab and dreary here
and I doubt the sun will be making any appearance soon.
So instead I'm gonna show you the 2 new China Glaze collections that landed yesterday.
BCA 2012 United in Purpose:
Hello Gorgeous! and United.
I only got the 2 glitters in this collection.
Will likely swatch these 2 only next month.
China Glaze Holiday 2012 Collection Holiday Joy:
Glitter all the Way and Pizzazz
Champagne Kisses and Winter Holly.
Yeah, I know.
I haven't even seen all the Halloween collections yet,
and here I have the Christmas ones?!
Pray for sun babes.
Then I can get these done.


lilacsrip said...

Can't wait for swatches! But I understand as the weather has been really hazy and rainy lately.

Berry T said...

Yeah. I'm so irritated. Not only am I falling sick from the haze, I can't even indulge in swatching to make myself happier! Argh!

Ruth said...

Are the Holiday 2012 polishes already available in Singapore?

louanne said...

would love if you could compare winter holly with glittering garland if you have that from last year's collection (or was it 2 years?) looking forward to champagne kisses

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