Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Birthday Haul finally came in!

Yup. Unfortunately for international shipping,
these stuff won't exactly arrive on time for my birthday.
But who cares when it's good stuff.
Although I have to admit,
I didn't realise that I had bought so much...
Nails Inc Jubilee Glitter,
and Nails Inc Sprinkles in Sweets Way.
Love how "Limited Edition" the entire packaging screams.
So much so I'm actually wondering if I should even remove it from the box
Ok. I blame Scrangie for these 2 polishes.
Then again, I blame Scrangie for quite a bit of The Stash too.

NOPI Target exclusives in For Gold Times Sake and Just Busta Mauve.
The Etude House in Singapore recently had some awesome glitters in their new collection:
PPK004, PBL601 and PPP502
Managed to get my hands on some Lynnderella from someone who was selling hers away.
Pam from Girly Bits sent me my replacement Viva la Revolution,
and I added 2 more bottles for the ride from Canada 
<3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p" pam="pam">
From a FB Picture Polish group order.
And lastly loot from the recent Cult Nails sale.
Captivated, Scandalous and Spontaneous
Happy Ending and Seduction.
Anyway, I think I have a complete dupe of Happy Ending in Icing After Party.
And I sincerely think I have a similar bottle of Seduction somewhere.
*Feels bloody dumb buying dupes*


Shelby Swatches said...

Great birthday haul! Those Singapore polishes seem pretty cool!

Berry T said...

Etude House is a Korean brand that happens to be available in Singapore. I love some of these Korean brands and am glad that Singapore has them.

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