Thursday, September 13, 2012

China Glaze Holiday 2012 Holiday Joy Collection: Pizzazz

Ok, here's the first polish from the China Glaze 2012 Holiday Joy Collection:
1 coat Pizzazz over 2 coats OPI Black Onyx,
with a coat of Seche Vite TC.
First of all, for those of you who are worried about bumpiness,
this one's good.
My one coat of SV was able to make it all smooth and shiny.
As you can see, the glitters in Pizzazz is pre-dominantly silver.
In fact, of the 2 sizes of glitters present,
the larger hexes were mainly silver and pink.
The smaller glitters in Pizzazz were mainly teal, silver and pink,
with a smattering of green, gold and orange.
I see some silver squares in my bottle,
but these are so random,
I kinda wonder if they were just "defective" shapes that ended up in the mix.
The other thing about Pizzazz to note,
I find that this glitter polish needs to applied using the dab-and-spread method.
Plus some of the glitters in my bottle tended to clump together,
so you really need to push them around on the nail to spread them out.
And I know there will probably be questions of dupes.
Well, I don't own OPI Rainbow Connection, so I can't do that comparison.
What I do have is Lippmann Happy Bithday,
so I pulled that out and got pissed off.
It isn't apparent in my pictures
(except maybe along the sides of my nail bed in some)
but the base in my Lippmann Happy Birthday has turned a slight yellow-green.
It actually looks awful when worn over a white base.
Just plain crap.
Pinky + Middle = China Glaze Pizzazz
1 coat Pizzazz over 2 coats OPI Alphine Snow + 1 coat SV
Index + Ring = Lippmann Happy Birthday.
1 coat Happy Birthday over 2 coats OPI Alphine Snow + 1 coat SV
As you can see from the pictures,
these ar 2 very different polishes.
While the colour combination in both are almost the same,
I see silver, pink, teal, green, gold and orange in both bottles,
the amount and sizes of each glitter gave rise to 2 very different polishes.
If you ask me, I think you can justify having both bottles.
Except I'm pissed off enough with the tinted base of my Happy Birthday,
I'm wondering if I should get rid of it.


Kayleigh said...

Thanks for the beautiful swatches! I'm so looking forward to this Holiday joy collection. As for the tinted base of HB, is it not a positive thing to own an one of a kind version of HB? =]

Inky Whiskers said...

You always do such interesting comparisons. Thanks!

I had a 20+ year old Wet N' Wild silver glitter in a clear base that turned yellow. I thought it might be from the silver glitter tarnishing or some other chemical reaction. I added a silver holo craft glitter to it & now have a silver holo glitter bomb. The yellow isn't obvious over darker colors or after 2 coats when the glitter covers the base color.

Berry T said...

Thank you Kayleigh :) I have 3 more polishes from the Holiday Joy collection after this, so stay tuned k

Berry T said...

I was angry enough to put Happy Birthday into my purge box, but cooled down later and put it back amongst the shelves. Like you said, I'll just wear it over darker colors so the tinted base won't show up

Unknown said...

Too bad about the HB. Great swatch and comparison, nevertheless! Glad they're pretty different in terms of colour mix. I have to say I prefer Pizzazz.

Berry T said...

Thank you Susan =)

Kellie said...

I like the Pizzazz a lot better. The purple dominance won me over. I love orange nail polish but not so much the glitter as in the HB.

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