Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BFTP: Nubar Going Green Collection: Forest

The Nubar Going Green Collection was released in 2009,
and I'm only now getting down to wearing them.
Seriously, I think something is very wrong with me.
Nothing wrong with The Stash,
just something wrong with me.
Last 2 photos were taken in a taxi.
I remember being extremely excited when Nubar released this collection.
It had almost everything that I wanted;
shimmers, cremes, a holo and an incredibly awesome duochrome.
All this at a time when green wasn't exactly a mainstream nail polish colour.
Yeah. So I have completely no idea why this is being left till now.
Better late than never.
So featured today is Forest from the collection.
This was 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Forest is exactly as its namesake - a forest green creme.
This one went on like butter.
Simple green creme,
but still gorgeous.


NailsByDiana said...

stunning color!

Berry T said...


Shelby Swatches said...

That's a great classic green :)

emmajoy said...
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emmajoy said...

I have this, and haven't worn it in two years since I first got it. Thanks for reminding me how gorgeous it is :)

Berry T said...

It is! The kind where you'll be able to pull out years later and still say it's a classic gorgeous green!

Berry T said...

You're most welcome!

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