Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July's Nail Haul

I told myself that I needed to go on a low-buy,
but I think I fail miserably...
From a purge post on a FB group:
Lippmann Ray of Light and I Know What Boys Like
Drool worthy close-up
From a Pahlish restock,
(the next indie brand that I dived into)
Dark Parade and Train Underwater
And another drool worthy close up
Drugstore purchase,
Revlon Rainforest and Golden Rose #67
I was suckered in by the black specks floating in the Golden Rose polish.
It looked weird, gross and interesting all at once.
How could I pass up such a polish?!
These came from a swap with a UK someone in the FB group.
Sorry, I think its safer not to name names
since I don't know if they would want to known.
Models Own Indian Ocean (my first Models Own!)
and technic Bonanza
erm... I forgot to get the names of these two.
Too caught up in the excitment that is Indian Ocean and Bonanza.
Sweets, striping tape, filmo canes and other stuff that came along for the ride!
From Beauty Bay,
Nails Inc Sprinkles in Pudding Lane and Topping Lane.
In my attempt to keep to my low-buy,
I restricted myself to these two only.
But I'm telling ya,
I can feel myself caving day by day...
It's a good thing Beauty Bay offers free international shipping.
OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection in Nothin' Mousie 'bout It and I'm all Ears.
I read somewhere that I'm all Ears is a close dupe to Butter London Disco Biscuit.
That's the only reason why I'm getting it.
And I'm so in love with the Jade Holograficos,
I'm slowly expanding my collection of them.
This one here is Delirio Rosa
And the last of my RBL Georgia on My Mind purchase,
Abi and Ghost
I had to keep telling myself that I don't need the rest...
Close up of the RBLs
I don't count this in the low-buy.
I'm just stocking up on stuff that I'm running low on.
Seche Vite TC and Nfu-Oh Aqua Base.
Man... I hate low-buys.
I think I suck at them.


Kittyluvscolor said...

I luv your low buys, wish mine were this awesome! Can't wait to see these swatched.

Berry T said...

LoL... Well, this was a failed low buy :)

Kayleigh said...

LOL! Whenever I restrict myself from buying, the result is even worse. So no restrictions lead to slightly controlled buying =P This is an awesome haul, hope to see your amazing swatches soon!

Berry T said...

Ok... You might have to wait a while for some of these cos I am now expecting the China Glaze Halloween collection!! If that comes, I'm gonna do those first!!

for the love of beauty by lara said...

Great low buy! :P *sighs* I know what you mean! I suck at low buys & no buys too! I'm following you now! Just found you! :D

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