Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indie of the Month: Pahlish Train Underwater

Sometimes, you start with something that you don't like,
and you end up with one that you completely love.
Take this for example.
I randomly grabbed a bottle of blue,
which happened to be Love & Beauty in Indigo.
2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
It just felt completely wrong on me.
This mani didn't even last an hour.
I figured "Nevermind, it'll do as a base. I'll just add glitter."
Which happened to be Pahlish Train Underwater.
Apologies for the grime-y bottle pic.
Mine was sealed in sticky bubble wrap when it arrived,
and I think some of the glue melted in the heat and over the long journey.
I haven't gotten down to cleaning the 2 bottles up yet.
Anyway, here's a clearer picture of how the polish looks in the bottle.
And 2 coats over the blasted Indigo mani,
sealed with just 1 layer of Seche Vite TC
Now this one is so pretty,
my camera freaked out.
It just couldn't cope with the bling and the shine.
Seriously awesome.
Why the hell did I wait so long to get on Pahlish?!
Glitter always makes things better.
You know what?
I'll just zip it here,
and let the pictures do the talking.
I did take a gazillion pictures anyway.


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