Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Indie of the Month: Pahlish Dark Parades

Pahlish Dark Parades.
I prefer the new labels.
Will likely sell away these old bottles for the new ones.
Clearer picture of the polish in the bottle.
1 coat Dark Parades over 3 coats Orly Lunar Eclipse
+ 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Ok. I'm not feeling it for this particular one.
Somehow, I feel that multi-coloured, multi-sized glitters are becoming too commonplace.
Plus I found this hard to apply.
The polish was thick and goopy,
and it was hard to get the glitters to lie properly on the nails.
I'm gonna try it one more time after adding thinner.
If it's better, I'll consider getting a new bottle with the new label.
I need better pictures anyway,
these were taken on an overcast day.
If it's not better with thinner,
then I'll just forgo this bottle.
Either way, this one's definitely headed for the purge.
Oh and please excuse the horrid dry skin and terrible cuticles.
It's been a real crappy week.
Hand and cuticle care has kinda gone down the drain for the moment.
Last few photos were taken in the cab.


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