Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nail Mail

Sorry, no nail swatches for today.
I haven't been able to get any decent pictures at all.
It's either been raining,
or when I whip my camera out,
the sun would disappear behind the clouds,
or my cab would arrive,
or the camera battery would die,
or the bosses would call...
Yeah, you get the drift.
In fact, it's become such a common occurance this week,
my colleague actually joking told me get out and go take my nail pics
when we had to queue for quite a while for cabs
So I shall show you guys the nail mail that's arrive thus far.
Thankfully I got these shots done in the office.
I was half expecting a power failure to happen,
then no lights and no pics.
Yeah. That's how amazing my luck was this week.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Georgia on my Mind collection pre-order:
Faraway Nearby, Jack in the Pulpit and Oriental Poppy
Then I heard about the legal thing going on,
and that Ji won't be putting these up anymore after this.
So I now have Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch on their way to me as well.
Then my Picture Polish order from Overall Beauty arrived today.
Peacock, Mask-a-rade and Monroe
I happened to have my Ozotic Elytras in front of me when I held Mask-a-rade
and I had the thought that Mask-a-rade looked like all my Elytras in one bottle.
Jealousy and Denim
Now. OPI Black Spotted should be arriving anytime now...
*waits eagerly for the mail-man*


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