Monday, July 2, 2012

A-England The Legends: St. George

Before I get daylight pictures of the Viva La Espana nails from last night,
I might as well show you guys another beauty.
A-England St. George
This one shot itself straight into my Top 10.
Maybe even Top 5
2 butter smooth coats + 1 coat OPI DS TC
Gorgeous Blue-Green with the slightest tinge of holo.
The holo in this one isn't very pronounced,
but that blue-green shift?!
To die for
I wore this straight for 3 days
and was completely mesmerized
Seriously. All indies should be made this good.


Jill said...


Berry T said...

Totally agree!

Jade Carver said...

Oh god I need this.

Berry T said...

Oh! Yeah! You definitely need!

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