Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Essie Poppy Razzi Collection: Bazooka

Another winner (in my opinion) from Essie!
The last one I got from the Poppy Razzi collection:
3 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Bright, squishy hot orange jelly
Another one that reminds me of Kate Spade
as well as those crystallised FOX sweets
The consistency of this polish was also thick,
but not as bad as Camera.
A lot more managable in fact.
Last one was taken in the cab.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Essie Marshmellow vs OPI Don't Touch my Tutu vs OPI Funny Bunny

Here we go,
the first of the comparisons of the OPI New York Ballet collection
Essie Marshmellow vs OPI Don't Touch my Tutu!
Pinkie and Middle: OPI Don't Touch my Tutu!
4 coats + 1 coat SV

Ring and Index: Essie Marshmellow
3 coats + 1 coat SV
As you can tell,
there's a pretty stark difference between these two
In fact, amongst the three polishes being compared today,
OPI Don't Touch my Tutu! is the sheerest of them all.
So much so,
when placed next to the stark white of Essie Marshmellow,
it looks almost like a beige

Next one, Essie Marshmellow vs OPI Funny Bunny

Pinkie and Middle: OPI Funny Bunny
Ring and Index: Essie Marshmellow

All are at 4 coats + 1 coat SV
Ok these two are almost dupes of each other.
A couple of differences though:
1) The Essie is a hell lot streakier than the OPI.
I had a harder time applying the Essie
In fact, amongst the three polishes,
I would say it's the toughest to apply.
2) The OPI requires 4 coats to reach the same opacity as Essie at 3 coats.
In this comparison, I did 4 coats for both of them,
but the Essie was already almost opaque at 3 coats.
3) OPI Funny Bunny is just a tad less stark than Essie Marshmellow.
It has a slightly softer look.
On its own, Essie Marshmellow was so stark on my skin tone,
it gave me grey hands.
Last one,
Top bottle: OPI Funny Bunny
Bottom bottle: OPI Don't Touch my Tutu!
LoL! I had to scribble down the bottle positions,
I couldn't tell them apart otherwise
Pinkie and Middle: OPI Funny Bunny
Ring and Index: OPI Don't Touch my Tutu!
All are at 4 coats + 1 coat SV
Same thing that happened when placed next to the Essie,
when you put OPI Don't Touch my Tutu! next to OPI Funny Bunny,
Don't Touch my Tutu! turns beige
Well, should have known that any polish company would be too stupid to dupe another one of its own colours right?
So Essie Marshmellow will be going into the next purge.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July's Purge

Rules of the purge:
Locals and internationals are all welcomed.
Any transaction will be done via paypal or POSB bank transfer.
All prices are in USD!
Internationals, I will only send via registered post.
I will send the shipping quote after confirmation of order.
Please place your order in the comment section by stating which ones you would be interested in.
Please remember to leave your email, and your country,
so that I am able to get in touch with you with a shipping quote.
Need cash and need to de-stash as well.
I'm open to swap offers too
  and it doesn't have to be a 1-for-1 swap.
Pls do list down the polishes you wanna swap with,
and I do have the right to reject,
so don't be offended.
Or to make it easier for some,
these are currently the polishes that I am looking for:
1) Lippmann Nordstorm exclusive: Let's Go Crazy
2) Nails Inc Jubilee
3) SpaRitual Earth Matters
4) Zoya Song
5) Zoya Zuza
6) Zoya Feifei
7) Sinful Zeus
So here are the polishes up for grabs:
L.A. Girl Heavy Metal:
Chromium Green - $3
Deep Sea Mica - $3
Essie Big Spender - $3 *pending*
Orly Purple Crush - $3 *pending*
Revlon Sublime Strawberry - $2
Revlon Wine with Everything - $2
Milani Key Lime Shine - $1
Maybelline Express Finish in Go Go Green - $1
Tony Moly #ND03 - $3
China Glaze Ooh La La French Bliss in Peach Pearl - $2
OPI Retro Fun in the Sun:
Calendar Girl - $4
Sea Ya Later, Sailor! - $4 *pending*
Essie Monkey Business - $3
OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes - $4
China Glaze Hunger Games:
Smoke and Ashes - $3
Agro - $3 *pending*
City Color Dark Blue - $1 *pending*
City Color Dark Green - $1
P2 Crackling Topcoat in Black Explosion - $1
Etude House Blue Crackle Polish - $3
Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in #05 Distressed Denim - $1

Essence Moonlight Collection:
#01 Live Forever - $3 *pending*
#02 Into the Night - $3 *pending*
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Chocolate Nut - $2
Elainto Egg Shell - $2
Nicole by OPI Me + Blue - $4 *pending*
PA #A32 - $3 *pending*
SpaRitual Mini in Clarity - $2
For every 3 bottles purchased,
you can have your choice of 1 freebie.
These include:
Callas #PP01 Juicy Sky
China Glaze mini Matte Magic
China Glaze mini Ruby Pumps
OPI mini in Meet and Jingle
Sephora #57
2 konad scrappers
2 mini nail files (from the Orly bottles)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Essie Poppy Razzi Collection: Lights and Camera

Another Essie collection that I adore
(although I do think they could have thought of a better name for the collection)
3 coats + 1 coat SV
A very bright, cheery bubblegum pink.
I loved this one,
and so did my colleague.
This one brought to mind the bright pretty Kate Spade colour that my colleague and I so adore.
This particular colleague of mine doesn't do her nails at all,
but she was so enamoured with this polish
(especially since she's a major Kate Spade fan),
she came to find out more about the polish.
I've promised to get her a bottle too!
Pic above and below were taken in the cab.
Next one:
Actually now I have in my head, "Lights, Camera.... Bazooka!" everytime
instead of the usual "Lights, Camera.... Action!"
Darn Essie for screwing with my brains.
3 coats + 1 coat SV
Squishy coral jelly!
Leans orange on me instead of the pink hue in the bottle.
I secretly think of watermelon jelly whenever I look at these nails.
Completely mouth-watering
especially in the heat that we have been having
Of note though,
this polish was kinda thick in the bottle
and it was a little hard to get them on the nails.
I actually flooded my nails a couple of times
even though I was already very careful.
Seriously, not the best to work with.
If not for the fact that I love the colour so much,
it would have gone straight into my purge tomorrow.
Last one is again the cab shot.
Yeah. Now I'm just left with Bazooka

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