Friday, June 15, 2012

Nicole by OPI feat Justin Bieber: Canadian Star

Yet another polish that I love and hate at the same time.

Nicole by OPI Canadian Star
I sure as hell didn't expect to find this one here on our Singapore shores
since I thought it was an exclusive.

Reason #1 for dislike:
This one took 4 freaking coats!
And it's still not completely opaque!

Reason #2 for dislike:
You guys see those tips?
That was not tipwear.
It also wasn't Seche Vite's fault.
For some freaking reason,
the polish applies like this on me!
No matter what I tried!

Reason #3 for dislike:
I hate the brush!
It's a freaking mop!
An uncontrollable freaking mop!
The brush was too big for my nails.
And that's saying a lot since I can deal with most brushes,
including the huge Peripera and Sally Hansen ones.
But this one?!
Beyond me.
I kept swiping polish on my fingers as I painted.
Cleanup was a major pain in the ass.
And I had a hard time controlling the amound of polish that I was picking up too!
There were several occasions where I flooded my cuticles.
And that is something that has not happened in a long long while.
I haven't had to do cleanup this bad in a long long while.
Boo freaking Boo!

But the one reason to beat all the reasons for dislike?
You see how gorgeous this one this?

Gorgeous, eye-blinding sparkly pink-blue-purple duochrome.

Heh. I think that's about all that needs to be said for this polish.
Since this one's a wicked duochrome,
I took loads of pictures.
The next 5 pictures were taken in the shade

And the last 3 were taken under yellow lights, indoors.

Now, either I find a dupe for this,
or I'll have to layer it over a blue or purple.
Hmmm.... And maybe decant it into a decent bottle.


cremesnglitters said...

I hate it when pretty polishes have a crappy formula! Have you tried it over black yet? I wonder how that would end up... xx

Berry T said...

Nope, not yet but planning on that for sure =)

cremesnglitters said...

Would love to see the result! x

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