Friday, June 8, 2012

Nail Art Haul

I bought several nail art related items recently.
But first let me show you the polishes that my good friend bought me:

Anna Sui polishes!
I love the new bottle look.
Heh. But I liked the old rose bottle too.

#370 and #103

Then these are some water decals and nail art stickers that I purchased from Mei Mei's Signatures

Oriental Beauties.
I'm a sucker for Oriental-themes,
and I hardly see such nail art stuff,
so obviously I had to grab these when I chanced on them.

Black flowers.
I thought these would go well with hot pink or even yellow.

Then these are animal printed nail art stickers.
I'm hooked recently on animal prints.
It's likely too that I'll use these soon,
mainly because these are long-ish
  and its such a hassle to store them!
The next 4 pictures were taken using my iPhone,
although I have to say,
they look better than the ones above.
My parents took my camera with them on a holiday,
but I expect the camera back today.
So hopefully posting will not be interrupted

Got a really good deal on these polishes!

Barielle Elle's Spell (Woot! It's finally mine!)
Megan Miller Caribbean, and Coral Bliss

I don't know what you call these,
but I've been lusting after them for the longest time.
It took me a long long time before I found them.
These are foil-like stickers.
I'll post about them soon and show you guys.

More water decals =)
This time a leopard one and a nautical themed one.

And the sweetest and most adorable nail art stickers I have to date!
Roses and Teddy Bears!
Can't wait to use these!


euzefelus_27 said...

nice haul!! love that foil-like stickers

Risa said...

cute stuff!! the anna sui bottles are cute but i actually like the ones that look like corks more!

Berry T said...

I can't wait to try those myself!

Berry T said...

LoL! They dont just look like cork, it's real cork!

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