Saturday, June 2, 2012

Manglaze ILF

Brand feature for this month: Manglaze
My very first bottles of Manglaze!
And a piece of good news for my readers in Asia  =)

Manglaze ILF
Seriously, you guys have no idea how much I lusted after this.
Not just for the wicked cool bottles,
but also for this:

2 coats of gorgeous-ness.
I did an accent nail on the ring by adding Seche Vite TC

And you know what?
I wore this for 2 days waiting for the sun to come out and play,
and I didn't have to do any extra coats.
No chips at all!

Sure beats all other matte polishes I've tried so far!
The others tended to chip on me by nightfall
Well, I'm generally ok with that,
seeing how there's no TC to protect.

But 2 days of perfect nails?!
Ain't that awesome for matte nails!

I also purchased Butt Taco *giggles* and Nawsome Sauce.
Watch for those posts this June!

Come next pay-day,
I intend to get my hands on Mayo and Lesbihonest as well.

So... you ask,
how did I get my hands on them here in Sg?

Well the good news is Shoppe Eclecticco now carries them,
and they ship to Asia!

Each bottle retails at SGD$22.50,
but if you get 3 bottles or more,
they're at SGD$21.50

And even better news for my readers,
if you quote MGSHETA
you'll get an additional $1 off each bottle!

Yup! That means, if you order 3 bottles or more,
that's $2 off each bottle!

So what you waiting for?!
Go get them before stocks run out!


KONADomania said...

Looks great on you! I'm into such colours lately:)

Berry T said...

Thank you! I'm in love with Manglaze =)

Caroline Jewel said...

I love it! Beautiful color!

Jackie said...

love this!!!

Berry T said...

It's really gorgeous isn't it! The other 2 I have are just as pretty too. I can see what the hype about Manglaze is!

Berry T said...

Love Manglaze :)

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