Saturday, June 30, 2012

June's Nail Hauls

Ok. The sun ain't co-operating today.
So there are no pictures of the awesome A-England St George.
Instead, I'm going to show you guys my June awesome nail hauls.
First up, the "I-panicked-and-major-hauled" Ozotics:
#505, #513 and #515
#518, #526 and #528
#529, #530 and #531
#532, #533 and #534
My one and only bottle from the Essence Circus Circus collection.
I never get to the Essence stand in time.
They are always wiped out whenever I'm there.
I tried to get as close as my camera's macro would allow.
One side is Ticket to the Show,
and the other is Front Row or Backstage?
I believe you can wear each colour on its own,
or you can combine them both.
From Ebay, I got these:
China Glaze Blue Without You
China Glaze Drinkin' My Blues Away
China Glaze Party Hearty,
and Nubar Foundation Base Coat.
The Max Factor Fantasy Fire is from Shoppe Eclecticco

And I also hauled these Man Glaze from Shoppe Eclecticco
Hot Mess and Lesbihonest
Mink Mitten and Mayo
Then this set is from Mei Mei's Signatures
Girly Bits Vive La Revolution
A wheel of gold foils
and a free travel size Cuccio Natural butter blend
Close up of the gold foils.
I think the shapes are pretty cute!
There are unbrellas, hearts, bows and even apples!

Then I found this Color Club Wonderland mini set at a stand.
If I'm not mistaken,
these were released as one of the 2009 Winter collection.
The set includes:
Wonderland, Yule Love It, Under the Mistletoe, and a topcoat
I also hauled some Essies from the recent collections:
Raise Awareness, Bazooka, She's Picture Perfect,
Lights and Mojito Madness.
For some reason,
my Essie Camera didn't get into any of these pictures!?
My camera didn't like Camera?!
Jade Holographics.
I got 5 of them.
I would have wanted more,
but I couldn't justify busting the budget any more.
Mystic gold, Hypnose and Energy
Vermelho Surreal and Fascinio Violeta
And this ain't the end of the haul.
The rest just haven't arrived.
I also have some Picture Polish, a couple of Pahlish and some Crowstoes on their way.
So yeah.
Major Hauling.
I should purge more.


lovenailpolish said...

Wow, you are going to have a good time with these! How exciting!

Now just watch for the mailman!

amusedPolish said...

hmmm- the Essence duo isn't from the Circus Circus collection- it's actually from their perm display...

(in case you don't know, you've turned on your captcha, which is sometiems impossible to read :/ )

euzefelus_27 said...

lovely haul....

Berry T said...

Yep! I hope to be wearing these as mani asap! =)

Berry T said...

Oh dear! I thought I changed the blogger format already! Thanks for letting me know. I've disabled it again. If it still happens, pls let me know again.

And as for the Essence, when I got there, it was the only color left and they stuck all of them into the Circus Circus display. So I thought it was from that collection. Oh well. Thanks for letting me know!

Berry T said...

heh. I think so too!

Murano Glass said...

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