Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From the Purge Bin: Rescue Beauty Lounge Om

So I did say in an earlier post that I'm going through yet another major de-stashing phase.
These pictures were taken during the initial phase of that operation.

This is my polish closet  =)
My polishes are sorted by colour.

I find this is the easiest way for me to grab polishes,
especially when I need comparisons.

And you see this cute My Melody bag?
It's a gift from a friend

But more importantly,
it's currently the bag I'm using to store all the ones that I'm purging.
Yeah. And this is only round 1 of the de-stash.
The bag is currently now filled to the brim.

So the first casualty from the purge?

2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite


Pretty. But this ain't exactly a colour I'll keep reaching for.

Plus I have so many pretty pinks!

So out it goes.


Anonymous said...

I would gladly take that off your hands!

Berry T said...


Mel said...

This polis is discontinued and I would happily buy it from you--seriously.

lovenailpolish said...

Poor little baby pink polish, unwanted!

Ok, so where is your trash bin? GPS coordinates would be great!

Berry T said...

erm.... sorry Mel, I already sold it in one of the monthly purges

Berry T said...

hahahaha! you can watch out for my monthly purges! I'm going a lot of them as fast as I can so that I can purge and make space for more new babies! Just watch out for the announcement at the top right hand of the blog on when these blog sales are =)

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