Monday, June 11, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games collection: Luxe and Lush

Ok, I procrastinated with this one.

The last one I have from the Hunger Games collection:
China Glaze Luxe and Lush

First time I used it over Wet n Wild Crystallic in Heavenly / Celeste

1 coat of Luxe and Lush here.

Well, personally I find this a FAIL.

So since I didn't like that,
I thought I might want to try a different combo.

This time over Essie Greenport

Again I only used 1 coat of Luxe and Lush.

Much better.
At least it looks like the iridescent shards it is suppposed to be

Ok, my pics suck.
The iridescence doesn't show up as much as I want it to,
but trust me.
Its there in real life.

Next 2 pictures are my pathetic attempt to try to capture that iridescence.

And the last 2 shots were taken in the taxi (again).


Inky Whiskers said...

Yeah, most flakie polishes show up better when layered over darker polishes. To see all the pretty colors, black or near black works best.

Berry T said...

Yeah, I get that. But I really wanted something different from the usual black base. Oh well.

Inky Whiskers said...

You don't have to use black, just a darker color than Greenport. I've used it over both purple & dark pink. Both showed the bling when the light hit them from the right angle. Even on really dark colors the bling plays peek-a-boo with the light.

Berry T said...

I'll try that again then :)

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