Saturday, June 30, 2012

June's Nail Hauls

Ok. The sun ain't co-operating today.
So there are no pictures of the awesome A-England St George.
Instead, I'm going to show you guys my June awesome nail hauls.
First up, the "I-panicked-and-major-hauled" Ozotics:
#505, #513 and #515
#518, #526 and #528
#529, #530 and #531
#532, #533 and #534
My one and only bottle from the Essence Circus Circus collection.
I never get to the Essence stand in time.
They are always wiped out whenever I'm there.
I tried to get as close as my camera's macro would allow.
One side is Ticket to the Show,
and the other is Front Row or Backstage?
I believe you can wear each colour on its own,
or you can combine them both.
From Ebay, I got these:
China Glaze Blue Without You
China Glaze Drinkin' My Blues Away
China Glaze Party Hearty,
and Nubar Foundation Base Coat.
The Max Factor Fantasy Fire is from Shoppe Eclecticco

And I also hauled these Man Glaze from Shoppe Eclecticco
Hot Mess and Lesbihonest
Mink Mitten and Mayo
Then this set is from Mei Mei's Signatures
Girly Bits Vive La Revolution
A wheel of gold foils
and a free travel size Cuccio Natural butter blend
Close up of the gold foils.
I think the shapes are pretty cute!
There are unbrellas, hearts, bows and even apples!

Then I found this Color Club Wonderland mini set at a stand.
If I'm not mistaken,
these were released as one of the 2009 Winter collection.
The set includes:
Wonderland, Yule Love It, Under the Mistletoe, and a topcoat
I also hauled some Essies from the recent collections:
Raise Awareness, Bazooka, She's Picture Perfect,
Lights and Mojito Madness.
For some reason,
my Essie Camera didn't get into any of these pictures!?
My camera didn't like Camera?!
Jade Holographics.
I got 5 of them.
I would have wanted more,
but I couldn't justify busting the budget any more.
Mystic gold, Hypnose and Energy
Vermelho Surreal and Fascinio Violeta
And this ain't the end of the haul.
The rest just haven't arrived.
I also have some Picture Polish, a couple of Pahlish and some Crowstoes on their way.
So yeah.
Major Hauling.
I should purge more.

Friday, June 29, 2012

OPI New York Ballet Collection: You Callin' Me a Lyre?

The last one in the OPI New York Ballet collection to be featured:
You Callin' Me a Lyre?
4 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Never thought I would love such a soft shades collection this much!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OPI New York Ballet: Care to Danse? + Pirouette my Whistle

This is my favourite in the OPI New York Ballet collection:
Care to Danse?
3 lovely coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
I didn't want to remove this mani so quick,
so I did a jelly sandwich with OPI Pirouette my Whistle.

3 coats Care to Danse? + 1 coat Pirouette my Whistle + 1 coat Care to Danse?
and lastly, 1 coat Seche Vite TC

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orly Purple Crush & My First Experience with Water Decals

Another one from the purge bin:

Orly Purple Crush

Except it looks more hot-pink than purple

2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC

Purple Crush is a neon,
hence it dries matte.

I've got tons of this shade in my stash for some strange reason.
It's almost like I have this compulsion to pick this color up from as many brands as I can.

Anyway, I decided that this one needed a little spice-me-up,
so I took out the water decals that I got from Mei Mei's Signatures.

This is the first time I'm using water decals.
I have to say,
although it is more time consuming than the normal nail art stickers,
I think I very much prefer water decals now.

First of all,
these decals are so thin,
it doesn't feel like you stuck anything on your nails at all!

For someone who still has the occasional habit of prying and scratching off the nail art stickers,
  this is a boon for me.
I don't always enjoy the bumpy feeling of nail art stickers.

Secondly, I find that the designs of these water decals a lot more intricate and detailed as compared to the normal nail art stickers.
Next 2 pictures were taken indoors

I'm definitely sold on these water decals,
and plan to get more of them.

For those of you who are also interested in getting some,
you can visit Mei Mei's Signatures.
Best part is, she now accepts paypal and ships international!

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