Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage Cherries

I swear.
Everytime I think I have something a little more interesting to show you guys,
the sun wants to go against me.
Oh well.

Anyway, in this instance,
rainy day and I ended up snapping shots in the office again.
the photos ended up looking a little vintage-ish.

Base colour is Essie Greenport.
Lines and cherries were done using acrylic paint.
The lace portions were nail art stickers.

I swear it's more sweet than vintage in real life.

Anyway, I liked this one.
I'll probably do variations of it in future.


Sylvia said...

Awesome manicure, love it!

Berry T said...

Thank you dear!

euzefelus_27 said...


Criminal Nails said...

Cute cute cute :D

Berry T said...

Thank you :)

Sarah at Starlight Radiance said...

This looks lovely!

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