Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mini Nail Mail

My apologies.
It was gloomy yesterday and I couldn't get any decent shots of the next On Safari glitter,
so no  new swatches yet.
I'm really hoping that the sun would come out to play later.

So in the meantime,
let me just entertain you with more nail mail that came in:

Sinful Colors Green Ocean
Sally Hansen Glass Slipper
I've been lusting after these two for the longest time.

China Glaze Ultamate Holiday
(which looks amazing by the way)
and China Glaze First Mate

Thank you Chelsy for the ROAK!

The first bottles of my I-panicked-and-bought-a-bunch-of-Ozotics haul has also arrived:
#529 and #532

By the way,
I forgot to make the blog purge announcement.
It'll be scheduled on 31 May at Sg 9 am

*Goes back to pray for sun*


Caroline Jewel said...

Pretty! I love them all, and I can't wait to see them on the blog!

Berry T said...

To be honest, I've got so many pretties lined up, I'm kinda at a loss as to where to start polishing!

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