Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Nail Mail Time!

Ok. I hauled a lot again.
Can't help it.
There were so many deals and lemmings that I found.

First, there was a deal going on for Glitter Gal at a etailer I know.
So I got:
Marine Blue, Light as a Feather and Not Another Red.
These are my first bottles of Glitter Gal.

Then another etailer informs me that the one polish that I'm missing from the OPI New York Collection is finally back in-stock.
And since I simply adore the ones I already have,
I couldn't leave this one out:
OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre?

Then I also found Butter London Wallis online.

A few days later,
yet another etailer informs me that she has the Nfu-Oh Aqua Base in stock.
I've been wanting to get my hands on this for the holos I have planned

And then the same etailer that I got my Glitter Gals from,
informed me that she managed to get 2 extra bottles of FLOAM!!
Freaking FLOAM!
Of course I had to get it!
I've been stalking Ninja Polish for ages and I never got to order it!

Ok. Then the same etailer that I got the Nfu-Oh from,
brought in Man Glaze as well!
Freaking Man Glaze!
I've been lusting over many of those,
but for a start,
I settled for the following:
Butt Taco, Nawsome Sauce,

and ILF.

The Lippmann Mermaid's Dream came along for the ride
when I got Butter London Wallis.

Yeah. I know.
It sounds confusing.
Actually all these hauls took place in under 4 days over Facebook.
I had trouble myself keeping track of payment.

And this ain't the end of the haul.
When it was announced that some of the Ozotics were going to be discontinued,
what did you think I did?
So yeah. More to come.


royalmilktea said...

What a great haul!! Can't wait to see these, especially ILF & the Glitter Gals, oohh. Do you know which Ozotics are being discontinued? I hadn't heard about that. D:

Berry T said...

Apparently it's the 500 series that's being discontinued. So the holos, mish mash and the elytras are going. You should haul now before they are gone for good. There's a deadline for ordering before all manufacture will be ceased. You can check on Llarowe or Overall Beauty

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