Monday, May 21, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Collection: Khalahari Kiss

First up from the China Glaze On Safari collection:

Khalahari Kiss

2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite
A friend called this "sick mustard".

Maybe its the power of suggestion,
but the colour sure brings to mind images of sand and deserts.

I don't own a lot of colours like this one,
because this sort usually doesn't flatter me.

But I never expected to like this one as much as I do.

When promo pictures were first released,
this polish did not even catch my eye.
Completely off my radar.

However, when I saw the bottles in real life,
something about this polish called out to me.
It intrigued me,
and so, this bottle came along home with me.

2 easy coats that levelled itself out.
And this was with a wonky brush.
In fact, I think this is the first wonky brush I have from China Glaze.

Last night when I put it on,
I was still doubting myself and wondered if I made a mistake.
But I have to say this one grew on me.
The more I see it,
the more I like it.

Last picture is one taken while in a taxi.


Lenny said...

Love this!! Haven't had any sandy shade.. need to get this soon!!

Berry T said...

LoL! Go get it! I think this one's a gem in disguise!

Niesha(skyla91) said...

I like this one!

Sarah said...

Love this color!! Do you know when these will be released?

nathalie said...

Cool! I've been waiting for seeing colors of this collection as lots of shades picked my interest. I love this one, I'm fond of weird and soft colors like this. Do you have more of Safari?

*crazy laquerhead who take photos of her nails in a taxi* Cute. ;)

Berry T said...

Yeah! It looks interesting doesn't it?

Berry T said...

I understand this is supposed to be out in the USA in June.

Berry T said...

LoL! I love the black background when I take these shots inside cabs ;)
And yep, I have 6 more of these On Safari bottles to show you guys. I'm wearing Elephant Walk now. Hopefully there will be sun later for pictures :)

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