Monday, May 28, 2012

China Glaze On Safari collection: Man Hunt

Finally. Sunshine!

China Glaze Man Hunt.
Heh. The name gives me giggles.

2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite
Blame it on a Monday morning.
But I had trouble deciding between whether this one's a jelly or a creme.

It was only at 3:37pm
(Yeah. I was staring at the clock when the lightbulb went off)
that this was a crelly.
You know. That new term?
(which polish blogs are fond of coming up with)
Creme + Jelly = Crelly
Well. At least I think it's a crelly.
I admit. I'm not the best person at telling such textures apart.
They love to befuddle me.

Anyway, that aside,
colour wise, I think many of you are going to think this dupish again.
I do think there are some close ones.
I'll get them compared soon.

Oh! and I almost forgot!
These didn't stain!
I was worried that they would,
especially after that fiasco with Exotic Encounters,
I was seriously worried that Man Hunt would add on to the damage,
but NaDah! Nope! None at all!


Last 2 pictures are for you Natalie!
The I-shot-these-in-the-cab pictures again =)


Alright! One last one to go!
The sun better be there tomorrow!



Caroline Jewel said...

Crelly! I'm really liking this collection.

nathalie said...

Aww, I SO wanted to see it. :D So nice and worth for the name only... I love creme-jelly. I secretely call them cremly. ;)

*heehee* thank you for the cab pics! Where is the strangest place you've photographed your nails in?

Berry T said...

Heh. I think it's crelly. It did take me a while before I decided it's crelly. I could be completely wrong, but it was squishy :)

Berry T said...

Well, according to family and friends, I do my nail pictures in all sorts of strange places, next to a taxi stand near my office building, one spot near the lifts at the void deck of my apartment, next to a public pool, at a traffic junction, etc. I'm stuck at work pretty much of the day, so it really is whenever and wherever. I've even done it inside a juvie since I work there, and I think there's not many who can do that. Heh, so yeah. Pretty much everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

Yeeesss ! i like this color and creme/jelly is so nice...
Thanks for this swatch;)

Murano Glass said...

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