Sunday, May 20, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Collection is here!

I just got some bottles from the new China Glaze On Safari collection!
So excited! So I just wanted to show you guys the bottle pictures first.

The first picture is without flash,
taken under lousy home lighting.

The second one is with flash.
All subsequent pictures are in the same order.

From left to right:
Elephant Walk,
Kalahari Kiss,
Exotic Encounters,

Man Hunt,
I'm Not Lion,
I Herd That,
and Jungle Queen.

I'm going to put on Kalahari Kiss tonight.
But you guys can let me know which is the next one you would like to see on this blog!


Anonymous said...

I'm so going to love this collection.. I want to see them ALL asap :D and the rest of them, too.... uuh, can't wait to get mine... =)

Berry T said...

LoL! I'll def get these all swatched :)

Sarah said...

OMG, I can't wait til this collection comes out!

Jackie said...

I want this collection soooo bad!1

Berry T said...

I just did Kalahari Kiss and I ain't sure about it. Hopefully the others would be better. I was as excited as you are, Sarah & Jackie.

NailsByDiana said...

These are so pretty do you know when they are available online?

Berry T said...

I believe these are available online in June.

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