Monday, April 30, 2012

Taiwan Polish Haul

My recent NOTD photos all turned out looking washed out from the harsh sun we're having here in sunny Singapore.
So while I try to play around with the settings on my phone,
here are some pictures of my tiny Taiwan haul.

I was so happy to find NARS in the shopping malls in Taipei city!
And most of all, they still have these in stock!
NARS Night Rider and Night Porter.

NARS Purple Rain.
The first NARS counter I was at,
ran out of Purple Rain.
So when I spotted another NARS counter at a second mall,
I practically squealed and ran.
I think I might have mowed down a shopper or two.
Then I also spotted a Sonia Rykiel counter.
Hopped over (literally since I was high from the Purple Rain purchase)
and got #25.
I couldn't find any name apart from the number.
My picture doesn't do the polish justice though,
it's a really pretty egg shell colour with tiny iridescent glitters

Then at one of the local Cosmed store
(which is similar to a beauty/drug store)
I found a stand of the Essence Metallics.
I was so upset when I missed out on these when they were briefly available in Singapore,
so even though I already had magnetic polishes,
I grabbed a bottle of #03 Steel Me

Then I also got 2 bottles of polishes from a beauty brand called Magic Shop.
The colours aren't clear in my pictures
because I forgot to remove the plastic wrappers.
I'll swatch them soon though so you'll get the idea.

Ok, that's all I managed to get in Taiwan.
I didn't find much polishes actually
and I was a little disappointed actually.
For some reason,
I kinda expected Taiwan to be swimming in nail polish actually!
Especially since they seem to follow the Japanese and Korean fashion trends.
I was actually hoping to find some Japanese or Korean polish brands,
I sure as hell didn't think I'll find NARS!
Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places.
There'll be a next time for sure!


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