Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Nail Mail!

I'm off to Kuala Lumpur for the Easter weekend!
But no worries,
this blog should still be up and running =)

Today, I have for you some nail mail that came in just in time for Easter.

First up,
I was inspired by The Nailasaurus
and ordered myself a whole lot of studs from the Born Pretty Store.

Unfortunately, the Hello Kitty stamp plate
(which I have been lusting over and coveting)
didn't arrive.

Sigh. I've already emailed their customer service,
and got a reply to say that they will be sending that shortly.
I'm crossing my fingers though.
Because this is not the first bad experience I had with them.

When Born Pretty first came on the scene,
they had sent me an email asking me to review some of their stuff.
I agreed and chose some stuff,
(including that damn Hello Kitty stamp plate)
but the things never arrived.
Emailed to ask if the review was still going on,
customer service said yes,
and that they will send out,
but Nah-dah.
Nothing in the mail ever.

I guess once I get hold of that damn Hello Kitty plate,
I'm about done with them.

SpaRitual also sent me some stuff to review.
From their latest collection,
a set of Water minis.
They also threw in some samples and their latest newsletter.

I'll be posting those minis shortly.
So watch out for that if you're interested.

Then here are some polishes that I got for myself.
I was trying hard to limit myself
since I'm going on 2 vacations this month!

OPI Meep-Meep-Meep (which is my current vacation mani),
OPI The One that Got Away,
and OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It!

I completely forgot that I got The One that Got Away in the Katy Perry mini set.
So now that I have an extra,
it's going to go straight into the purge pile.

Then from the Zoya Flecks Effect:
Zoya Maisie,
Zoya Opal,

and Zoya Chloe.

I also picked up Zoya Jem since I understand that this one's a fave amongst many polish addicts.
Thought I should see for myself how fantastic this one is.

All right.
That's it for today!
I hope I'll haul some nail stuff back from KL!


Jessica said...

great items

Berry T said...

Thank you

Inky Whiskers said...

I hope you like the Zoya Maisie & Opal more than I do! I got them both yesterday & while they look so different in the bottle, on nail wheel swatches (I painted half of each nail black to pop the flakies) they looked pretty much the same. So I did some more tests on different colored fake nails (dark blue, neon green, shimmery gold & white) using 3 coats & the results were not so good. On the blue & green nails there was no difference between the 2 polishes. On the yellow, the blue base of Maisie gave the slightest green tint. The base colors finally showed up after 4 coats on the white nail. As for the flakies, Opal went between green & gold, Maisie showed green, gold, & a hint of pink. I'm keeping Maisie & giving Opal to a friend as I don't need 2 polishes that look so similar on the nail as these 2 do.

Sorry about the flubbed order with Born Pretty! I hate it when stuff like that happens.

Have FUN on your VaCa!

Berry T said...

I'm back and I had a blast of a time!

Shucks. I didn't realise Maisie and Opal were so similar. I'll have to wear them soon and decide which one I'll keep...

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