Monday, March 5, 2012

The last of my Lynnderella Haul

Got these during the crazy time when Llarowe put them up on the site.
I was pretty amazed I even managed to get 4 bottles in all that chaos.

Ok. These 4 bottles will mark the last of the Lynnderella haul for now.
At least until I get all the Lynnderellas I have swatched.

By the way,
I headed to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
as well as Taipei and Yilan (Taiwan) in April.
Are there any readers out there who could advise me as to where I should shop for nail polishes there?
Thank you!


Jill said...

Lucky!!!! I'm currently on the waiting list haha. Change is on my wish list.

Berry T said...

Yeah I heard about the waiting list. Good thing I got some to play with now so I'm gonna hold off going that route for a while!

Astrella said...

Oh my gosh, I don't even know Llarowe put them up on her website :(. You're going to Kuala Lumpur? Hmm, might be hard since I also didn't know where to buy it but I've heard of My Nail Solution which carries Essie and Nubar (website: I tried to see their official website, apparently it went error'ed lol

reviews said...

they're awesome!

Berry T said...

Thanks Astrella!
I'll try goggle and see what I can find out about that =)

Yup! I love my Lynnderellas!

beachgal said...

Lucky you! I have yet to be there at the right time to nab any of the Lyndrellas. Would love Snow Angle and a few others. I feel for Leah Anne with the mess she is in over trying to keep everyone happy as she tries to distribute the brand.

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