Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From the Purge Bin: Chinoiserie Halo

My first and only Chinoiserie polish,
and I already want to purge it.

Looks damn pretty in the bottle right?

2 coats + 1 coat Color Club QDTC

It looked as though I had shiny pee on my nails.

And it managed to do what other polishes have yet to accomplish.
It made my hands look both red and jaundiced at the same time!
Never thought that could be possible...

Plus I hated the stiff bristles in the Chinoiserie bottle.
I had a hard time getting around the curve of the base of my nails.

The next 2 are pictures taken indoors

Anyway, the mani barely lasted 2 hours.
I just hated it.
However, as I barely had time by then to do a fresh mani,

I just attempted to cover it up by using China Glaze Cracked Concrete.
Been a while since I pulled out the crackles to play with anyway.

Not the best really.
I couldn't decide if this was better or worse than Chinoiserie alone.

But it definitely made me think of some reptilian skin.

Which was just as well,
since I had to wear this to the zoo!

Again, the last 2 pictures were taken indoors.


Emma said...

I much prefer it with the crackle over than just Chinoiserie on its own :)

Jill said...

I definitely like it better with the crackle.

Berry T said...

hahaha. I decided that I hated it both ways!

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