Thursday, March 1, 2012

For the Oscars

I was inspired by an image
that popped into mind the other night
when I was reading about the Oscars.

Based polish used is Peripera #GR309 Mod Green.
Actually I already had this polish on before the image came to mind.

And here's the simple nail art inspired by the Oscars.

I was thinking of one of those vanity dresser table with the lights all ringed around the mirror.
You know, the kind where the stars would sit before to put on their make-up and all?

So I just outlined my nails with a gold glitter striper,
and then added some sequins on top of the gold glitter.

Maybe it might have worked even better
if I had on one of those shiny chrome polishes.
Now that would really have looked like mirrors.


A Polish Addict said...

That's a very interesting and creative design! Love it!

Berry T said...

Thank you! Although I don't dare to claim credit for the idea =)
I actually first saw something similar like this on NB, but forgot about it. Reading about the Oscars brought forth the image of the lighted-vanity dressers, and then I was reminded of this nail art design!

beachgal said...

This is a great one. I never thought of lining top and bottom with a striper AND then putting on some little sequined - the sequins make it - as does the Bevin 'like' shade.

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