Saturday, March 10, 2012

Etude House Petite Nails Darling Matte: #5 Java Blue

Apologies everyone for the lack of posts this week.

I had an accident while at the dance studio.
Good thing is,
I didn't suffer any serious injuries
so all is well.

However, I did end up with a really badly broken nail.
Somehow, I managed to flip (literally) a corner of my nail off,
so it was raw flesh for a while.

Since then,
I've been wearing the same polish on my nails for the past few days.
I'm too afraid of the sting and pain it would cause
when the remover hits it.

Hence I haven't had any posts up.
It was a little painful to bang away on the laptop too.
Seriously. You never know how much you actually rely on one tiny finger
until every little action you've taken granted for gets a little too painful!
Even scratching your nose!

The injury has since now healed over,
well, at least there's a layer of scab now.
The nail though will definitely take a while to grow back.

I'm going to try removing the old polish tonight.
If there's no stinging pain,
then the blog should be up and running again soon.
But definitely no glitters for a while.
So I'm going to revamp the line-up of polishes for this month.

No more swatching of Lynnderellas.

Meanwhile, here's one of the last polishes I had on before the accident.

Etude House Petite Nails Darling Matte:
#5 Java Blue.

2 coats, no TC

Dark blue base that is actually so dark,
it borders on black
with just a tint of blue shimmer

Disappointed in this one actually.

From the bottle and online swatches,
I was hoping that more of the blue shimmer would show up

But most of the time,
it just looked like I had black matte polish on.

The blue shimmer was just barely there.
And it only showed up in the sun,
and at certain angles.

Oh well.
At least I'm making space for new polishes.


Jessica said...


Inky Whiskers said...

I'm SO sorry! That just hurts to hear about it. I had a nail snap off at the nail line this week & have since cut the rest, but it thankfully didn't hurt. My sympathies! #8(

Berry T said...

Thank you Jessica =)

Inky Whiskers,
Aww... thanks dearie! The girls with me at the dance studio all winced and grimaced when they saw the injury. I just it's one of those where everyone can feel the pain! I'm so glad yours didn't hurt this way! I did the remover thing last night and I'm glad it didn't sting at all! So it is well on the recovery road!

Inky Whiskers said...

That good! At least we can be assured that our nails will grow back, eventually.

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