Monday, February 27, 2012

Peripera #PP109 Mod Wine

On the US Peripera website,
this one is named as #PP109 Mod Wine.

I was actually more interested in getting the kitty-shaped polishes.
But came across these as well,
and decided to get 2 since I liked the bottle stem as well.

Love how the top of the stem is etched with a rose,
as well as the roses and vines around.

2 coats + 1 coat Color Club QDTC

I'm glad I got this too.
I love the colour.

This is the third time I'm wearing this already!

I know you probably think the colour doesn't look very unique.

I've not looked yet,
for all I know, there may be dupes in my stash as well.

But I just love how this one looks on me,
and the butter smooth application.

Plus it's rose scented!
I think I forgot to mention the last time I posted Metallic Green
(I must have been too blown away by the colour)
but the Periperas are rose scented!

Ok. Dupish maybe.
But how many are rose scented?!
A keeper for sure!


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