Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hung Up over V-Day mani...

Heh. I know V-day is long over.
But well, I still have ideas surrounding the theme...

So here's the next nail art idea that popped into my head:

Polishes used are:
1) OPI Bubble Bath as base
2) China Glaze Blonde Bombshell for glitter tips
3) Red, Pink and Black acrylic paint for the hearts and branches

I was trying to do hearts hanging off branches,
but I just ain't good at drawing.

I can do the more abstract stuff.
But drawing? Na-dah.

It sure as hell looked a lot better in the head than on those nails.


ChaosButterfly said...

lol I hate when that happens.
I think it came out pretty cute though.

Berry T said...

Heh. Thanks dear! ;)

♥beauxs mom said...

I think it's cute, they def look like Hearts hanging off branches.

Berry T said...

Thank you beauxs mom :)

Cathy said...

that's so cute :)

I tagged you for the 11 Questions Tag! Check out my post here:

cheers :)

xoxo Cathy

Berry T said...

Thank you Cathy,
You're the 2nd person to tag me for it :)
I'll get to it soon k!

Pauline - omgnoodles said...

Haha, these are so cool!

Berry T said...

Thank you! :)

Fingers said...

This is really cool!

Berry T said...

Thanks! :)

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