Thursday, February 9, 2012

Holika Holika #17 Funky Green

Holika Holika #17 Funky Green.
Love the bottle design,
it makes me think of multi-faceted gems.

3 coats + 1 coat Color Club Quick Dry TC

Pls excuse the improper clean-up.
The skin around my index nail is still bad,
and it was hurting when I was trying to do clean-up
so I just left it alone.

I only own 2 Holika Holika polishes,
but I think that is something I will probably rectify soon.

I wasn't expecting to be wow-ed by this one.
I admit, I bought this bottle because it was at 50% off.
I had really wanted #18 Star Khaki which I had already posted here

I had no issues with application,
and I love the sparkly forest green colour.

I think there's another red and a purple one in this series.
Like I said, I probably will go get them.


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