Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Nail Goodies Part 3

Ok, this should be the last instalment of February's Nail Goodies.

First up,
a fellow local nail polish lover pointed out to me that there was an online website that had the A-Englands,
AND at a discount!
So I hauled these from Mei Mei's Signatures:

The A-England Legends:
St George and Princess Sabra,

Princess Tears and Ascalon.

They ran out of Dragon which was the one that I really really wanted.

By the way,
there is a referral program for Mei Mei's Signatures.
Let me know if its your first time buying.
I can do the referral and we can both get a $2 discount =)

Then I was also fortunate enough to be one of the lottery winners
when Llarowe first got in the Lynnderella Lovely is as Lovely Does collection.
Obviously with all that frenzy, drama and chaos in the mad rush to get to the Lynnderellas,
I ain't gonna pass up a chance like this.
So I got the entire Lovely is as Lovely Does collection.

Yep. All 10 of them.
I figured that it'll be easier this way,
as compared to only getting some,
and then wanting up others.
Which would then mean back to the frenzy and chaos that was trying to get to them.
Well. At least that was before the latest system of via email.

Too bad that particular lottery didn't allow for ordering of past collections.

So here's the entire Lovely is as Lovely Does collection:

I also got some from the OPI Holland and China Glaze Prismatic collections.
No pictures since I had to smuggle that entire lot home
and into the polish cupboard without my mother being any wiser.

I should be swatching these Holland and Prismatic polishes next month.
You'll get the pictures then =)
But here's a list of what I got:

OPI Holland:
1) Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?
2) Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
3) I Don't Give a Rotterdam!
4) I Have a Herring Problem
5) Pedal Faster Suzi!
6) Wooden Shoe Like To Know?

I'm still on the fence on A Roll in the Hague and Vampsterdam.
Still can't make up my mind whether I need those 2.

China Glaze Prismatic:
1) Full Spectrum
2) Liquid Crystal
3) Optical Illusion
4) Prism

Same thing, I'm on the fence about the last 2 polishes in this collection,
Polarized and Ray-Diant.
Oh well. I might just get them to complete the entire collection.
We'll see.


Unknown said...

Aahhh these are amazing! Congrats on getting your Lynns, they're so gorgeous! Dragon is my favorite of the new A-Englands, too. :) I hope you can get it soon!

emmajoy said...

My A-Englands got lost in the mail :( Ordered them 1.5 weeks ago and they haven't turned up yet. Still crossing my fingers.

Astrella said...

*Sea of Drool* Holy mother of god *Drolls*. That a-england....that Lynnderellas.... Too bad Dragon is OOS, it's REALLY gorgeous! :)

@emmajoy: Did you order them from a-england website? If yes, it took 2 weeks for my goodies to arrive to Malaysia. I hope your pretties will arrive soon

Berry, a quick question. Which shipping is more cheaper? Between Transdesign and Head2ToeBeauty. I'm planning to do a major haul

emmajoy said...

@Astrella -- I bought them locally (in Singapore). Usually takes a day or two to arrive. I didn't spring for registered mail because I've never lost a package before but I guess in this case I should have spent the extra money :(

Anonymous said...

Hello, may I know where you purchased the China Glaze Prismatic Collection from? :) Thank you!

Berry T said...

I know! I'm definitely going to get Dragon!

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that your mail got lost! That has never happened to my local mails too! I can just imagine your anxiety!

LoL!! I brought a mop along! No worries! Drool all you want! LOL!

But yeah, your question about shipping: Unfortunately I've not bought personally before from Head2ToeBeauty. I've heard they've been pretty reliable but I am clueless about the shipping. But the time I ordered from Transdesign, it was about USD$20 shipping for 9 polishes.
Hope this helps a little!

I got my China Glaze from a stall at the Scape Flea market. This particular stall is there every Friday to Sunday at Scape! You can also look for D.Y.O.N International if you have Facebook. They do events as well, so you can find out where these events are. Plus there are updates on promotions as well.
Hope this helps!

emmajoy said...

The seller said to wait a while longer... I hope the A-England Legends don't sell out before then. I have the rest but am still waiting on Avalon and Princess Sabra. Hope they turn up eventually :((

Berry T said...

Wow. It's already been a while! I hope you'll get them eventually.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the info on where to buy the Prismatics! :) Will def check the stall out!

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