Sunday, February 5, 2012

Essie Luxeffects: Pure Pearlfection

I'm sorry about the lack of posts.
I was down with a bad case of migraine.
I haven't had an attack this bad in years.
Usually I'm able to watch for the triggers,
and get by with a couple doses of strong painkillers.
However, this attack came very suddenly,
I was not prepared and so by the time I got to my medication,
it became a full-blown attack that lasted for days.

I couldn't do much.
Thankfully, all I had at work was to attend a week-long conference.
I have to count my lucky stars actually.
The really bad attacks would leave me stricken in bed.
I've only had a couple of those before,
and that was many many years ago.

At least this time round,
I could still haul butt to attend a conference while feeling drugged out.
Heh. Days like this,
I love my painkillers.
I need to pair them with tummy medication
(yep, they're that strong)
but man, I am so grateful for science during times like this.

I should be back to regular posting soon.
The pain has started to subside,
it's actually bearable now without meds.
I'm trying to get off the painkillers
because they really cause havoc on the tummy otherwise.

Anway, here's the mani I had on at the time of the attack.
I only got indoor pictures.

1 coat of Essie Pure Pearlfection over the previous Sephora No 57 mani.

Ok. I'm going to see what else I'm capable of in this state.


♥beauxs mom said...

Sorry to hear about you, my mom has been getting those for years and she will be in bed for days it's so horrible, glad your getting better though, really like this mani I actually passed on this Essie maybe I need to get it after all.

Berry T said...

Thank you for the empathy. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. It's really terrible. I'm glad I don't have these episodes often but I feel awful to hear that your mom has to be in bed for days. Sometimes, it's so helpless that these attacks occur.
And (lol) yes, you should get this Essie. Even while in the midst of pain or drugged bliss, I'll look down and think how pretty this one was, and just feel that wee bit better. At least I still have nice nails. Heh.

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