Monday, February 6, 2012

BFTP: China Glaze French Bliss: Ooh La La Pink

The first China Glaze to be posted in this Blast from the Past series.

China Glaze Ooh La La Pink,
from the French Bliss Collection.
From google search,
this collection was released Spring of 2003.

Heh. As you can see from my bottle,
its been through a bit of rough.
I found this one at a salon,
and it was really really coated with dust

3 coats + 1 coat TC

Please do excuse the cuticles and dry skin.
I didn't moisturise at all while I was ill.
And I was also constantly picking at certain spots
(like the side of my index nail)
hence it looks kinda bad now.

Ok. I didn't like this.
But there must be something about it.
Because I had 3 strangers and 4 colleagues compliment me on it.
And I promised to give the bottle to one of the colleagues
once I'm done with the photo-shoot.

Personally, I hated the streaking.
Perhaps because it was an old bottle,
perhaps it was a light pastel,
but I couldn't get it to go on smooth no matter what I did.

Online swatches of this one generally tended to look pink or peach.
However, on me it screamed a dirty beige!
And I thought the colour pulled all the yellow outta me skin tones.
I actually wondered if my bottle had de-generated with time,
and the pink pigments were no more.

The last 2 are indoor pictures.

But yeah, ok.
Since someone loves it more than I do,
it's going to go to a better home =)


Nicole said...

Omg you managed to buy this off a salon?!

Berry T said...

Er... Yeah, I did. I got 3 of the French Bliss actually. Gave 1 away a while back even.

Nicole said...

But salons here don't really sell polishes right? Unless it's for like, $18/bottle.

Berry T said...

LoL. I know what you mean. But sometimes you get really lucky too :) I got the 3 French Bliss for $10 each, which I thought was pretty decent given the jacked up prices here. And I got Essie Starry Starry Night for 8 buck too (if I don't recall wrong)

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