Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zoya Gemma

Zoya Gemma

3 coats + 1 coat TC

Gemma was one of my biggest disappointment in 2011.
I saw online swatches and wanted so much to love this one on me.

Dusty olive green with slight blue shimmer.
The base green looked terribly drab on me.

And that blue shimmer was so slight,
I can only see it in the sun.

Oh well.
I'm going to be sending this one away.
Hopefully the new owner would like it better than I do.


Sarah said...

Oh, I just ordered this! I feel the same way, I want to love it so much. I thought it would be a great color for the end of winter and into spring. Maybe I will have better luck! :-/

Berry T said...

It's likely a matter of skin tone. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping that you would like yours! I've seen it look amazing on some other bloggers! It may just look awesome on you as well!

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