Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tony Moly Galaxy Collection: GT03 Mars

The third one in the awesome Galaxy collection:
GT03 Mars

2 coats + 1 coat Glitter Tamer + 1 coat SV

I have to say,
my pictures don't do this one justice.

It's a hell lot more sparkly in real life.

Gold + Copper + some sparse Blue glitters suspended in Brown Jelly base.

Next picture was shot in the lift.
I find that glitters look exceptionally pretty while under the lights in this particular lift.
And if you ignore the redness of my skin,
the polish is actually most colour accurate in this lift-shot.

Next 2 are taken while in a taxi.

I know it looks really bumpy,
but the Glitter Tamer worked its wonders.
Its actually smooth as glass to the touch.

In fact,
I find that I kept stroking my fingers across the surface of my nails,
because I couldn't stop marvelling at the miracle of the Glitter Tamer!


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