Saturday, January 7, 2012

Orly Holiday Soiree 2010: Au Champagne

From the Orly 2010 Holiday Soiree collection:
Au Champagne

3 coats + 1 coat SV

Pls ignore the smudge you see.
I did this mani after midnight,
and was so tired, I dropped straight into bed.
I'm lucky to have just gotten away with that one smudge.

Needed something different from the deep and dark shades or the glitters
So this proved a wonderful respite!

Initially I didn't pay attention to this polish at all,
until I saw it on a blog.

Lovely soft white with a silvery shimmer
I wanna try this one out with a flakie as well.
I think it would look like opals on my nails!

Formula wise,
there definitely is much room for improvement though.
The bottle I got was thick and goopy.
Made it kinda hard to apply,
and I needed to watch out for streaking.
Not sure though if the streaking was because the polish didn't agree with the Orly Bonder basecoat
(which would be really surprising since they are both from the same brand!)

this is one polish that I really love.
I'm going to try add thinner to it
and we'll see how that goes.

Last picture is snapped while in a cab


Amy said...

I have this polish, but I haven't tried it yet...I think it might be my next mani :)

Kalee said...

yes, definitely put flakies on it. it does look like opals. its my favorite way to wear white or flakies

Berry T said...

I hope you will like it as much as I do :)

I'm doing the flakies soon!

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